The Euro exceeded $ 87 rubles

The official Euro to ruble set by the Central Bank on the weekend and Monday, increased by 1,036 ruble — to 87,2889 of the ruble, the national Bank reported.

The dollar increased by 6.28 pennies to 73,4261 ruble

The cost of the currency basket (0.55 dollars and 0.45 euros) calculated at official rates on the weekend and Monday, increased by 50.1 per penny, making 79,66436 of the ruble.

According to the exchange, the Euro lost almost all of its early gain against the dollar after weak statistics from Europe. It became known earlier that GDP of 19 countries of the European Union in the second quarter, according to first estimates, fell by a record 14.4 per cent in annual terms, after declining in the preceding quarter means economic recession.

On the eve of the us Department of Commerce reported that GDP in the second quarter fell by a record 32.9 percent in annual terms. Analysts were expecting a stronger fall — off is 34.1%.

Statistics on applications for unemployment benefits in the US were also better than expected in the week ended 25 July, the number of applications rose to 1,434 million, while the forecast was $ 1.45 million.