The lawyer wife of Andy Cartwright called the probable cause of death of rapper

The lawyer wife of the deceased rapper Alexander Yushko, known under the pseudonym Andy Cartwright, Irina Scurtu in an interview with "360" explained that the man had heart problems that could lead to his death.

She noted that the wife of Alexander Marina Kohala talked about heart problems and have a drinking spouse. This, according to her, confirmed his friends. Also the woman said in what condition they found the body of her husband. The medical examiner confirmed that this happens exactly during a heart attack.

"She described the pose, the sight of a corpse. This conversation was the police. Perhaps, after was born the version with a heart attack," explained Scurtu, noting that the UK has not yet passed any official data.

Also another cause of death could be poisoning — this is evidenced by the foaming at the mouth of the deceased, which has also been mentioned by the wife of the contractor. In addition, according to Scurtu, spouse jusko never questioned because of her poor psychological state. From Kohala, said the lawyer, exhaustion — not eating or sleeping for almost five days. Mother-in-law of the deceased, according to the lawyer, learned of the death jusko a day after what happened and asking the daughter to tell all to the police. The family lived in a large two-bedroom apartment, and the man was often locked up in her room. Mother Kohala didn't know what was happening, she also took a long time to walk with your child.

Now the couple's child was with the grandmother relatives.

Informed source RIA Novosti reported that in St. Petersburg detained a wife of a citizen of Ukraine suspected in the dismemberment of her husband. Fragments of the body were Packed in several packages. According to the woman, her husband died four days ago, and she dismembered the body. According to local media reports, the victims were Alexander Yushko, known as the rap artist and participant in the Battle Versus Andy Cartwright.