In Lipetsk the mother promised the son a tablet for his silence about the beating

A resident of Lipetsk two months hiding the brutal beating of his nine-year-old son, who was her roommate took foot and hit my head on the kitchen sofa, breaking a piece of furniture, after which the boy lost his hearing, said Friday the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the region.

Against 36-the summer inhabitant of Lipetsk criminal case under article "deliberate causing of heavy harm to health of a minor child, resulting in hearing loss". The sanction of this article provides till ten years of imprisonment.

"According to investigators, 23 may 2020, the defendant, while in his apartment, in the conflict 9-year-old son of a mistress caused him a traumatic brain injury. Taking the boy by the legs below the knees, he slammed his head on the seat kitchen sofa so that the wooden part of the sofa is broken", - stated in the message.

According to the SC, the child complained to his mother, who at the time of the conflict was in the next room, of a severe headache.

As noted by the investigation, after a severe head injury, the boy "began a hearing problem".

At present, the suspect is detained, the question on election to it measures of restraint. According to investigators, he admitted guilt and repented of his actions.

"During the interrogation, the suspect explained that he had acted for educational purposes, as the boy refused to do his homework and insulted his mother," according to the investigation, which will determine the circumstances and causes of the incident and to assess the actions of his mother.