The Network has criticized the provocative clip Loboda for the track "Boom Boom"

The singer Svetlana Loboda has posted on YouTube a provocative video for the song "Boom Boom" recorded with the Russian hip-hop artist Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin). The idea of the video was the entertainer and TV presenter Alexander Gudkov.

The clip make fun of modern men who tend to evaluate women solely on appearance. Svetlana Loboda together with Mary Monogarovo, Ksenia Sobchak, Catherine Barnabas, IDA Galich, a Lolita, and many others involved in revealing the beauty contest.

Of the heroine, demonstrate the group is serious business skills of seduction, and they put them to the assessment. But the more in front of them appears the participants, the worse it gets "judges" from overstimulation. As a result, men in the truest sense of the word is a "brain explosion" than are the contestants. Now they sit in their armchairs and decide who to keep and who to throw into the pit.

Not all viewers appreciated the idea Loboda and Gudkov, despite the fact that the movie resembles the work of the group Little big and singer Maruv: memorable dance moves and words, revealing outfits and original story.

For a few hours, the clip had received more than 20 thousand likes and more than 50 thousand dislikes allowed. According to many users, this work was one of the worst, the singer of hits "in Your eyes" and "Random".

"I don't know what's harder to watch this or listen?" – commented Treguar Knyazev. "It's not a clip, and the effects of quarantine!" – said ASN SCPH. "Every image, every gesture, every frame and sound – vulgarity and bezdarschina," – commented Andrey Sukharev. "I know that Gudkov have an incredible imagination, but that's clearly overkill," he joined in the discussion Kevin De Stefano.

This is not the first time the work of the singer don't like the fans. So, in February, a similar situation occurred after the release of the video for the track "New Rome", which was directed by Alan Badoev.

Then the colorful video, which Svetlana Loboda depicts the alien and fatal disco-lady, got 11 thousand likes and thousands of dislikes allowed 6.7.