Named words that are most often encountered in books about Harry Potter

Each next book about Harry Potter British writer JK Rowling was darker and sadder than the previous one, judging by the number of words with negative connotation such as "death", "kill" and "evil". So, the last part of the series contains more than four times as many such words than the first, the statistics of book MyBook service.

In MyBook has identified the words most often used in a series of books. For example, the name Harry Potter is mentioned in the Saga of nearly 20 thousand times. Often there are nouns and adjectives related to the magic wand (1907 times), "magic" (794 times), "magic" (454 times), the conjuring (368 times), "the mantle" (365 times).

The most popular quote from the series of books was the phrase of Professor Dumbledore from the novel "Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" - "Not our ability, but our choice reflects our true nature". Often repeated remark of Dumbledore "Scars are useful. I, for example, a scar above left knee – exactly the scheme of the London underground..." and Ron's phrase "Even in dreams it is not necessary to become impudent", the report said.

British author JK Rowling, on 31 July celebrates the 55th anniversary of the birthday of the hero of the Saga Harry Potter is also celebrated on this day. In 2020, the year he turned 40 years old.