In Mexico closed to tourists the cave where lived the ancient inhabitants of America

The Mexican government has forbidden tourists to visit the cave of Chiquita, which found traces of habitation of ancient people living in North America, according to the national Institute of anthropology and history (INAH).

A week ago in Nature magazine there was a study reporting a large number of stone tools found in this place. According to scientists, the countless people can live 30 thousand years ago, that extends the previously anticipated date of settlement of North America by at least 15 thousand years.

It is noted that the Ministry of culture of Mexico announced the cave Chiquita in the state of Zacatecas in the Central part of the country the object of study and conservation in the framework of the archaeological project "the Hunters of the Pleistocene in the Northern highlands. Cultural and ecological diversity of the Mexican Pleistocene and Holocene".

"Mexican and foreign scientists looking for traces of DNA of ancient people in the sediments of the cave, so the presence of outsiders can contaminate archaeological context thousands of years", — said in a statement.

Cave Chiquita located on top of a hill near the town of Concepcion de Oro.