In Moscow detained the passenger of a taxi opened fire on the ring road

The Metropolitan police have detained a taxi passenger, who opened fire on the Moscow ring road due to the sudden braking of the driver, according to the website of the Ministry of interior Media.

Earlier, the police received information about the shooting of a taxi in the area 51-th kilometer of Moscow ring road. It is established that the man fell asleep in a taxi, sitting in the front seat. Due to the sudden braking he woke up, began to curse, and then took from the bag an object resembling a gun, opened the window and shot into the air. The taxi driver stopped at the next bus stop and dropped off the passenger.

It is noted that the suspect is detained. It was them 39-the summer inhabitant of Moscow region, during the search of his apartment and seized a traumatic gun.

"On this fact criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article 213 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation "Hooliganism". In relation to the suspect elected a measure of restraint in the form of a commitment to appear", - stated in the message.