Tourists are told where they want to relax after the opening of the borders

Tourists interviewed by the online service, said if they are willing to change plans for the summer, if in the near future will open flights from a number of countries, reports OneTwoTrip.

Among the countries that in the near future may be possible, the media citing sources in the government called, for example, Hungary, Maldives, South Korea and UAE.

The company's specialists conducted a survey of 2,200 users and found that 79 percent of them would like to visit these States. With almost half of tourists (45 per cent) say that if these flights will become available during August, they will not change their vacation plans.

Many respondents (77 percent) said that during the pandemic attraction of a foreign holiday for them hasn't decreased. However, 63 percent of travelers admitted that they would not want to travel to foreign countries at least until the autumn.

According to tourists, may soon be available to Thailand, so says a quarter of respondents. Every fifth said that Greece will be opened.

In Spain would like to go 12 percent, for Malta, Croatia and Montenegro, which voted eight percent of the tourists. Among the States in which travelers would like to get in this year, they are also called CIS countries, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Mexico, Cuba, Morocco and Japan.