The expert compared the new Chinese navigation system Beidou GLONASS

The configuration of the satellite constellation, the Chinese Beidou-3 is that the navigation system has to be more effective than American and Russian analogues GLONASS and GPS, however, unequivocally say this is impossible, since the complete information about Chinese handsets, said RIA Novosti head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev.

Earlier, the President of China XI Jinping officially announced the launch of a Chinese global navigation system, Beidou-3. Last, the 55th satellite system Beidou-3 was successfully launched into orbit on 23 June.

"Their system is built so that in addition to the usual satellites in high orbit on 20 thousand kilometers, were also involved in several geostationary satellites. Should be more efficient. The whole system of building, number of satellites suggests that this system is more effective GLONASS and GPS, in terms of accuracy and accessibility," said Moses.

He clarified that Chinese operators system provides consumers with information about how to use their satellites. However, not all data is known about the technical characteristics and capabilities of the Beidou spacecraft.

Moiseev added that the satellites of the American GPS system is clearly used for military purposes, but accurate information on their work there.

"The GPS satellites, not all their functions are well known. If you look at the weight of an American satellite, knowing that the equipment they have easier, it becomes clear that they perform some additional functions, which are not declared", - said the expert.