In Jerusalem to protest detained 16 people

Sixteen people were detained during the riots at a protest in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, reported the press service of the Israel police.

The protest was held in Jerusalem near the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu late Thursday evening - after the end of the post Tisha b'av, established in memory of the destruction of the First and Second temples in Jerusalem and other tragic events in Jewish history.

According to the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot", the rally was attended by about two thousand people. In addition, the newspaper writes that among the detainees was at least eight members of the group of football fans, La Familia, which adhere to extreme right-wing and oppose the protesters.

Tuesday night was an attack on the protesters in tel Aviv. Attack in black threw stones, glass bottles and sprayed with tear gas, causing five people were injured. Police have arrested several suspects in the attack on the protesters, on Thursday morning, they were released under house arrest.