In Britain Russia after Putin's words about the Navy called a "significant threat"

Russia is a state that represents for the UK a "significant threat," said Minister of state for defence of the Kingdom Annabel Goldie. It is reported by RT.

Previously a member of the house of lords John Anderson appealed to the authorities of the UK and asked how the government assesses the safety of the North and Baltic seas because of the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the day of the Navy that this year the fleet will take 40 new ships.

In the text of the document States that monitoring and responding to this threat is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of defence of Britain.

Office, as the politician said, following the development of new vessels in Russia are put into operation, and makes the "appropriate conclusions".

"We continue to assess the impact of Russian investments in the development of its Maritime capabilities on the security of the region, including the Baltic and North seas," she said.