Published photos of Hitler in "the Immortal regiment" approved charges

The Prosecutor General's office reported that it has approved the indictment in the case of a resident of Tatarstan, who uploaded a photo of Hitler on the site "Immortal regiment", the man accused of the rehabilitation of Nazism and possession of drugs.

"The Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation confirmed the indictment in a criminal case against El-Ayoubi Mohammed in crimes... rehabilitation of Nazism and... storage of drugs in large size. The defendant posted on the Internet on may 4 this year, the photographic image of Adolf Hitler for his public display unlimited circle of persons on the site "Immortal regiment online" on a par with veterans of the great Patriotic war", - said in a statement on the Agency's website.

It is noted that the action of El-Ayoubi publicly endorsed Hitler and the management team of the National socialist German workers ' party in war crimes during the Second world war. Thus the man made the rehabilitation of Nazism, said the Agency.

"In addition, during the search at his place of residence were seized cannabis plants containing a narcotic drug, weighing the dried form is 73.8 grams. Currently, the criminal case is directed for consideration in essence to the Supreme court of the Republic of Tatarstan", - added in the message.