Roskoshestvo told about the precautions to be taken while collecting mushrooms

Mushrooms require attention in the collection and careful handling, so it is not recommended to buy them "with hands", said Roskoshestvo.

A universal recommendation is not to take the mushroom that you are not sure, avoid roadsides and surroundings ecologically unfavorable enterprises. Do not pull and crush, just like any protein product, mushrooms spoil quickly, and eat dishes from them should only be healthy people. In addition, due to insufficient amount of enzymes to digest mushrooms they are not recommended for children under 14 years, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people.

Roskoshestvo notes that the distinctive features of these fungi, and disguised their types are not always obvious. For example, the white mushroom has two double — biliary and satanic. With the gall fungus can be confused not only white, but also orange-cap boletus and orange Govorushko disguised as the true chanterelles.

As for whether to cut or pull out the mushrooms, the disadvantages are of both. "The first remains a cut that can get infected (mushrooms too sick). The second damaged the mycelium, which is not very good. Therefore, it is recommended remove the mushrooms from the substrate (soil), and then trim the dirty foot", - stated in the message.

Sagging texture, the large number of worms, the patina of mold suggests that the mushroom unfit for consumption. You have to be careful when buying mushrooms: the fact that the time and place of their collection is unknown, and mushroom caps without legs may belong to a poisonous counterparts. In addition, mushrooms, canned at home, can cause dangerous disease — botulism.