The dentist has dispelled popular myths about tooth decay

Dentist Louise Avtandilyan dispelled in an interview with "AIF" some myths about tooth decay.

In particular, according to her, is erroneous assertion that more frequent tooth brushing prevents tooth decay. "It is a dangerous delusion. Need to brush your teeth two to three times a day. If you do it often, the risk of damage to the necks of the tooth is increased many times, and it is tooth decay just at hand," said Avtandilyan.

It is not true, and that to protect from tooth decay can gum. The dentist indicated that chewing gum often contain sugar, which automatically excludes it from the list of hygiene of the oral cavity. "Secondly, a long chewing can cause problems with the salivary glands, and this will lead to the development of not only caries, but also diseases of the gastrointestinal tract," she warned.

Also false is the myth that tooth decay only appears for those with a sweet tooth.

"There is no food that causes tooth decay, there is improper care of teeth. No matter what you ate: ice cream or salad. It is necessary to strictly follow the oral hygiene, to irrigate and flossing, especially before bedtime," - said the doctor.

Avtandilyan called the myth that tooth decay is always accompanied by dark spots on the teeth.

"For example, at the initial stage, the disease does not cause pain and discomfort and manifests itself in the form of white spots. White — not indicator of healthy teeth," explained the dentist.