Resolved dispute between fans of sour cream and mayonnaise

Russians ' love for sour cream and mayonnaise has no borders, said the dietitian and the employee "FITS of food biotechnology and food safety" Natalia Denisova. In an interview with radio Sputnik, she pointed out the reason of this love and its consequences.

Sour cream – milk product traditional to Russian culinary traditions. It is widely used for salads and as a sauce for meat and fish dishes, and as a separate dish. Sour cream is not perfect, it has definitely beneficial properties, not very, said the nutritionist Natalia Denisova. According to her, the main benefits of probiotics, and the main damage in saturated fats.

To compete in popularity with sour cream as a salad dressings in Russia can only mayonnaise, although this is also controversial product.

Consider mayonnaise or sour cream is extremely useful or extremely harmful product of modern nutrition can not, says Natalia Denisova. According to her, the main problem is not in the sauces, but how much and how often they are used. If you limit yourself, then all will be well.

"The ideal would be the alternation. Do not get hung up on one of these two sauces. If we make the salads, then one day can sour cream, mayonnaise the next, and on the third day in vegetable oil with lemon juice, and then another to fill low-fat yogurt for the very already diet salad. 1-2 times a week, you can consume these sauces without harm to health. The main thing is not to do it regularly," concluded the nutritionist in an interview with radio Sputnik.