Iran agreed to pay compensation for the downed Boeing Ukrainian

Tehran has agreed to pay compensation for the crash of a passenger plane, "International airlines of Ukraine", said official representative of foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi.

Between Tehran and Kiev's negotiations continue, Iran is responsible for the incident, said the spokesman.

Mousavi also said that "many passengers" were citizens of Iran.

The negotiations between Ukraine and the Iranian delegation on compensation began in Kiev on 30 July.

Boeing 737-800 "Ukraine International airlines", departing from Tehran airport to Kiev, crashed shortly after takeoff in the early morning of 8 January. Killed 176 people: citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan.

The Iranian military on 11 January said that the plane was shot down accidentally due to human factor: the liner was flying near a military installation, it took "enemy" cruise missile.

In Iran, said that he expected attacks from the United States, the air defense system of the country was in full combat readiness.

In the report of the civil aviation Organization of Iran said that the Boeing was shot down by two missiles of a class "earth — air" of small range of "tor-M1".

After entering the Board began to rapidly lose altitude, while over the residential area, then faced an "impediment" to an amusement Park and fell to the ground. The ship crossed the football field has completely collapsed and caught fire.