Obe 1 Kanobe commented on the death of dismembered Andy Cartwright

. Rapper Obe 1 Kanobe (Nikita Kananovich) spoke about the relations of the deceased Ukrainian musician Andy Cartwright with his wife, who dismembered his body.

According to him, the rapper loved his wife, it seemed that in their relationship "everything is fine".

"He was a very decent, pair they was so good," he said "360".

The news that the wife dismembered Andy Cartwright, was for Obe 1 Kanobe shock.

The rapper said that the deceased was kind, accommodating and sincere man and never complained about their problems, even when he was depressed, he said the TV channel.

In this Obe 1 Kanobe added that Andy Cartwright has not been "highly popular" among a wide audience.

"More for the private parties, to underground. Especially now with this virus — I can understand why he might be depressed" — leads his words "360".

The rapper stated that he is not aware of any problems with the drugs to the deceased.

Obe 1 Kanobe said that he had met my wife colleagues after one of the rap battles. She seemed nice and open.

The rapper stressed that in this situation he is concerned about the fate of the son of the couple. According to Obe 1 Kanobe, it is not, the child will have to live with it.

Last night in Saint Petersburg, apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, found the body of 31-year-old man, Packed in five packages. The victims were Ukrainian rapper, a participant in the Battle Versus Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko).

His wife said that the musician died four days after drug use. According to the woman, she dismembered the body to conceal the cause of death. However, the primary expertise is not found in the blood Andy Cartwright of prohibited substances.

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case of murder.