Putin signed a decree about the situation in Usole-Sibirskoe

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree about the situation in Usole-Sibirskoe, where he charged the government three months to create a road map for the elimination of pollution, the corresponding order is published on the portal of legal information.

"The government of the Russian Federation: in three-months term to approve the action plan (road map) for the prevention and elimination of environmental pollution in the urban area of Usolye-Siberian the Irkutsk region as a result of economic activities related to manufacturing of chemical products", - stated in the order.

Putin also instructed the defense Ministry to participate in the development and implementation of the roadmap.

On Thursday, Putin held a meeting via videoconference on the environment in Usolye-Sibirskoye. At the meeting the head of state said that the burden of environmental problems accumulated in the city since 1930-ies, now the storage facilities chemical wastes are in poor condition.

Putin has charged to create the interdepartmental working group on the situation in Usolye-Sibirskoye, to develop a work plan to neutralize and eliminate all the accumulated waste and after three months to report on the results of the first stage of the work. He appealed to the Ministry of defense, Ministry for emergency situations Regardie and other agencies to provide full assistance in this work, and to the Ministry of Finance to earmark the funds in the three-year budget.

The main enterprise of Usolye-Siberian in 1936 was production Association "Usol'ekhimprom". It has released trichloroethylene, epichlorohydrin, sodium metal, calcium hypochlorite, calcium carbide, hydrogen peroxide and several other chemicals. Its production activities were discontinued in 2010. In 2017, the Arbitration court of the Irkutsk region the company bankrupt, concerning it competitive manufacture is entered. Its commitments to eliminate the accumulated damage, the company failed to comply.

Total area of industrial zone "of Usolehimprom" is 610 hectares, it is located more than 200 industrial objects: buildings 140 workshops, 60 auxiliary buildings and structures, W/d fabric with a total length of over 20 kilometers, surface and underground utilities and sewers with a length of about 50 kilometers. Soil, groundwater and underground water on the territory of the plant is impregnated with toxic pollutants and heavy metals.