"NATO vulnerable": a Danish journalist said the superweapon Russia

. The North Atlantic Alliance has nothing to oppose Russian hypersonic weapons in the Arctic, says a journalist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske Emile Rottwell.

According to him, the us airbase of Thule and Greenland as a whole "absolutely defenseless" in front of missile systems "Dagger".

"We don't know how far flies the new Russian rocket "Dagger", but one thing is certain: with his speed, accuracy and at least a thousand kilometer radius, it changes the balance of power in the Arctic," writes Berlingske.

Rottwell quoted a Danish captain-Lieutenant Anders a Bunch of Nielsen, who said that Washington just needs to find an answer to the "Daggers".

According to military, the countries of the West — "the main target" of the Russian hypersonic systems.

As noted in the article, the "Arctic has for Russia, a symbolic value" and the situation in the region could "spiral out of control."

"So the West is very risk to do something that would alarm Russia. For example, if the United States really will start to send the military ships on the Northern sea route, to show that we are not talking about internal waters of Russia", - said the journalist.

In 2018 the message to the Federal Assembly President of Russia Vladimir Putin has presented a hypersonic weapon systems — "vanguard" and "Dagger". Later it became known about the development in Russia hypersonic cruise missile "Zircon".

In early June, Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseev announced that the Northern fleet will receive a hypersonic weapon that will allow you to increase its combat potential.