In Australia, the owls fell in the black list of the hotel for bad behavior

In one of the hotels in Queensland two EMUs learned to climb the steps and began to disturb guests, for which he was denied access to a hotel, according to Travel and Leisure.

Ostriches name is Kevin and Carol, they grew up nearby. Previously, poultry was a local landmark, but then become a burden to guests. EMU learned how to climb stairs and began to steal food and personal items at the hotel. So, one of them stole the car keys and looked inside the bathroom.

The owner Chris Gimblett said he would not allow ostriches to behave in an inappropriate way. So now access to the hotel closed to them, Chris had installed a special gate. But EMU is not ready to just give up, they are still on duty at the entrance, apparently hoping that someone from tourists, let them in.

Despite the fact that ostriches may look cute, they are dangerous. At the moment of fright the birds very quickly flee in a random direction is bodily injury and property damage guests of the hotel. Besides, ostriches have very sharp beaks.