A friend told me about the cruelty izrisovala wife of the inhabitant of Bashkiria

A familiar resident of Bashkiria, who yesterday brutally murdered with his wife in front of children, told the TV channel "360" about his bouts of jealousy and cruelty.

According to him, this is the second marriage of a man. He was beaten and the first wife, after which the couple divorced.

"And here's the second wife. He was severely beaten a week ago, she went to her parents. He came, begging him to return, she agreed and gave him one last chance," says the man.

He added that nobody knows whether the husband has a reason to be jealous of the victim.

Earlier investigation reported that the day before on the highway near the village of oleksiivka of Satka district of Chelyabinsk region during the altercation a 31-year-old resident of Bashkiria in the presence of two daughters, was stabbed by his wife. Children gave mother of the deceased, against men opened a criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code — "murder".