Lawlessness and disorder. Trump can not calm the rebellious Portland

In American Portland two months has experienced a series of riots. At first there appeared Autonomous zone without the police, now fenced off from protesters by the security forces. They were sent to the city to protect government buildings, which local activists are not happy: for them, the decision of the White house — a violation of the Constitution and not attempt to restore "law and order". What happens on the West coast of the United States, understood to RIA Novosti.

"I'm so tired! A single mother, work full-time and forced every night to spend here! Because you can't talk on the street about what life black important! Your building and the stupid feds we don't care about! And the lives of blacks — no!"

These words shouted at the court in Portland, the woman in the yellow shirt. The fence around the building, which housed state power, clearly annoyed. And not only her, many of the demonstrators — under the pretext of protecting Federal property in Portland has imposed the force of law, subordinates the state and the government in Washington.

Two months, it experienced a series of protests under the slogan "black Lives important" and "No justice, no peace", turning the evening into a real battle. In the afternoon, the protesters peacefully walk around the city, calling for racial justice. Among them parents with children, young people and activists who call themselves the "Wall of Moms" — "the wall mothers".

"What are entrenched feds, stupid. We need to Express themselves, to show in our city is unacceptable," said reporters Holly Wad, one of the activists of the movement. Dressed in yellow shirts, they lined up in a human chain between the protesters and the police.

In the evenings particularly aggressive pelted the guards with stones and bottles start at them fireworks. Those troublemakers are distilled from the fenced perimeter rubber bullets, batons and tear gas.

Outraged citizens that they are opposed not by the local police, and Federal. While the city authorities had established a dialogue with the rebels, Washington has decided to "end the violence" — it's on the other end of the country for more than a hundred men.

The Network is full of entries where people in military gear use force against the protesters — they wring their hands pressed against the asphalt or beaten with batons. One of the most egregious cases caused an uproar. The video shows two officers arresting a picketer — and he lifted up his hands, says he didn't do anything. However, it led into a van with no markings.

Accurate statistics on civilian yet, but already five people have applied to the court due to injuries. In total they require 950 thousand dollars compensation.

It is known that injured twenty-eight security officers. More other went to the officer, who was hit with a sledgehammer on the shoulder and head. The rest of fractures, injuries to hearing, eye injury, sprains, strains and contusions.

In the evenings, the city of chaos around the garbage, on the walls, graffiti everywhere, tear gas, shots fired, the cries do not cease.

"We're trying to help Portland and not to hurt. Their government has lost control of the anarchists and provocateurs," wrote Donald trump on Twitter.

The city has sent fighters of a special unit of the Federal security service. This formation under the Department of homeland security and composed of representatives from several agencies, including customs, border protection and the U.S. marshals.

Last month, trump instructed them to protect historical monuments and Federal government buildings, which during the racial riots was attacked by the vandals. And in Portland just recently tore down a statue of the founding father of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

However, the security forces in the city were given not only to activists, but government — by law they have to request center assistance. Discussion ensued whether the right of the President to send to the States for "their" people without the permission of local authorities.

Attorney General William Barr, reporting to the house of representatives, explained, the unit transferred to Portland for guarding public buildings. "Is it okay to set fire to the court?" — he inquired in Congress on July 28. And he added that the troublemakers were injured by guards. On the same day it became known in Portland will send another 50 soldiers.

Mayor Democrat Ted Wheeler says: dozens, if not hundreds of security forces only complicate the situation — prevent dialogue of local authorities with the protesters, instigating violence and vandalism.

The mayor stands shoulder to shoulder with rioting on July 23, he came under gas attack. "I'm not gonna lie, it stinks, breathing hard. And, frankly, don't understand what caused such a response," he told reporters.

Wheeler was supported by the Governor of Oregon Kate brown called the decision trump "political theater." The President's critics believe he uses the protests to divert attention from the failed campaign to combat coronavirus. The regional authorities have filed a lawsuit against Federal agencies because of illegal detention of protesters. And human rights activists are already talking about a constitutional crisis.

Trump stubbornly repeats: to restore order in the country give the Democrats put a spoke in the wheel. Nevertheless, on 29 July, his administration agreed with the authorities of Oregon on the withdrawal of Federal forces from Portland. However, according to the Ministry of internal security, some employees will remain there to protect government facilities.

The President — the commander in chief, but he can't use the Federal armed forces on the territory of the state at its discretion. According to the 10th amendment to the Constitution, the police are subordinate to the regional authorities.

Help Washington to establish law and order or investigating crimes, of course, allowed — but only with the consent of local authorities. The Central government also has the right to protect their property, particularly the courthouse.

However, the developments in Portland have created a sort of legal conflict. The staff of the Central law enforcement can't detain citizens without a warrant, besides the attorney General of Oregon issued an order with additional a ban on such arrests. These acts, according to protesters, security forces violated when dragged protesters into the van, without having presented and without stating the reasons.

More confusion caused explanation of the Federal security service. First, one of its leaders Richard Selin acknowledged that his staff "did not have what you need" (orders). And then refused to consider the incident of arrest, that it was "normal interaction" civilians from government forces.

To do without the approval of the local authorities, the National guard under special circumstances, still can. To do this the President must enact the law on the rebellion of 1807, then governors don't have to take into account. So did George Bush senior in 1992 during protests in Los Angeles, which began due to the fact that four white policemen beat a black.