Ex-boyfriend said about her correspondence with wife Andy Cartwright after his death

The spouse of the deceased Ukrainian rapper Andy Cartwright was associated with his former lover after the death of the musician. It is reported by REN TV.

As told the TV station the man, they did not communicate with the wife of a musician for several years.

"I wrote two or three days ago," he said.

According to him, it was "the usual small talk about anything."

The interlocutor of TV channel noted that I am familiar with the wife of a rapper for a long time and knows her as a fun person. The man said that during their relationship did not notice the sweetheart of any abnormalities. She didn't have a problem with alcohol or drugs, he said.

"A perfectly normal, cheerful girl. With some girlie cockroaches", he concluded.

Informed law enforcement officers found in the apartment in Saint-Petersburg five packages with the remains of the musician. Spouse Andy Cartwright said that he died four days ago after the use of illicit substances. According to the woman, she dismembered the body to conceal the cause of death. However, the primary expertise is not found in the blood of the musician drugs.

Criminal case about murder.