To declare cold war on America — why? China is in a hurry

If you are a global power, the other is the same power of global power announced, in fact, a cold war for decades to come — and many analysts in the world so this action and perceived, not true, it would be natural once on the call to answer. And also something to announce. However, China's response to the challenge of the USA turns out is very peculiar and at least leisurely.

The first Chinese reaction came in the external world in the form of journalism, that is, personal opinions of experts in different media. Well, another replica of the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the PRC. Waiting for the President's speech XI Jinping, who, as it was known, was going to speak at the annual meeting of Directors of the Asian infrastructure investment Bank, wait — here it is, the statement. About the fact that the Bank is a platform to build a global community with a common destiny, XI said. About Pompeo and the cold war — no.

Well, let's say, Beijing to strictly observe the Protocol: on behalf of the United States was made by the head of the diplomatic Department, so China should say also foreign Minister Wang Yi to speak, referring to whom? Here Beijing I went on quite an unusual step, they have published a fairly complete version of your van And in conversation with our Sergei Lavrov in hot pursuit of performance Pompeo. But the Minister said the following van: great power (the US) do not need to behave like this, she's "resorting to extreme measures and creates hot spots and confrontation in international relations, losing the mind, morality, and credibility".

Well, the mind of America may have lost, but what China will on this issue to do, besides the obvious promises in the conversation van — Lavrov "to protect their interests and dignity"? Beijing at least is in no hurry to tell us. Moreover, he seems not at all inclined to join the political pundits saying that the world is now going back to the era of the cold war for decades to come.

Why is this: there is a sense to look at some obvious and not so obvious thoughts mentioned above Chinese experts. For example, thoughts that never before has America not been so internally weak, as it is now: impending racial civil war, virus, etc. Accordingly, attempts to make China the enemy uniting their own nation, is more of a desperate improvisation than something thoughtful