"The vampire squid" has sounded the alarm: the dollar is waiting for the deprivation of the status of world currency

A large us Bank, known for its political influence and the fact that dozens of senior officials in various countries of the world are his former employees, made a shocking statement: the status of the dollar as the main world currency can come to an end.

Goldman Sachs is widely known in financial circles a structure, which manages assets in one trillion dollars, is highly respected on wall street, supplying conveyor method of their former employees in high positions in the Ministry of Finance of the USA, and also holds a dubious distinction — corporate moniker of "vampire Squid" (Vampire squid) which stuck to the jar with a light hand investigative journalist Matt Taibbi after the 2008 crisis. "The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it everywhere. The world's most powerful investment Bank is a huge vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly stickiwi its bloody funnel into everything that smells like money" — he wrote in the expanded investigation, published in the magazine the Rolling Stone in 2010. And since this description is haunting authoritative American financial structure.

Because of the above reasons, when the "vampire Squid" stands with any public position, especially in cases where evaluation is strongly at odds with the views of mainstreaming mediaklass about the possible to this position must follow.

Doubly surprising criticism of the prospects of the dollar as a world currency from the American Bank it, because even the global financial structure, "prescribed" in the United States, have specific, but very visible patriotism that they occasionally reinforce the generous donations to future senators and congressmen. In a sense, Goldman Sachs is America, and if it is absolutely exact — it is a modern, detached from the machine and departed in deep financial manipulations America. Once a symbol of the United States was not a Bank and industrial Corporation General Motors, which Secretary of defense Wilson said: "What's good for General Motors is good for America". Now the symbol of the United States should not be considered production Association, and such investment Bank, which periodically paint your logo in the colors of the minorities, has a reputation for being deeply amoral, but influential and now very much concerned about the future of the American currency, the problems which seriously affect the prospects of America as a whole.

The American Agency of the financial information, Bloomberg recounts fears of authoritative analysts of the Bank: "Goldman Sachs Group Inc. drew attention to the suddenly increased concern about inflation in the US, releasing on Tuesday a bold warning that the dollar risks losing its status as world reserve currency.

I must give credit to the analysts of Goldman Sachs: in the spring, when the printing press, the fed started the overtime to support financial markets and the U.S. budget in the context of the epidemic, and Congress and the Senate pondered the size of the budget injections into the economy and concomitant increase in the deficit, the Bank held a special meeting clients, convincing them to exchange dollars for gold (or bitcoins) based on the risk of the coming inflation. Now the Bank has decided to bring the problem to the widest possible audience, and it turned out perfectly — about the likely loss of a dollar of its status as the main currency of the planet wrote almost all the world's leading media.

Of course, we must note that (as rightly pointed out by the Bloomberg and other metacommentary), "in most financial circles, this view is still a minority — and analysts at Goldman not saying that I believe that it (the deprivation of the dollar's status as world reserve currency. — Approx. ed.) will happen."

Typical position of this kind is that the US dollar "doesn't even begin to lose its reserve currency status, given the depth of the capital markets and the overwhelming amount of global transactions are conducted in US dollars," said Bloomberg, Michael Krupkin, head of currency trading in North and South America, British Bank Barclays.

Another argument in favor of the dollar system will outlive all his critics, can be considered the fact that she was able to survive the last "attack" rampant pecunia money in the performance of the fed in 2008-2009. The problem with this argument is that the intensity of the printing press is not going to any comparison with what happened during the last crisis, and that in 2008-2009, the United States was the undisputed leader in a unipolar world.

Now the situation looks very different: us cities are burning, both major parties argue about the likelihood of non-recognition of results of presidential elections and possible civil war and a unipolar world anymore — and the only question is, what form it will take has already begun cold war 2.0 between USA and China.

Wise and well-informed "vampire Squid" is not in vain sounded the alarm, trying to appeal to fiscal discipline and the protection of the system, which gave the United States enormous privileges over the past 50 years. Warning influential Bank is sure to be heard, only now there are serious doubts that the American politicians are willing to go to those unpopular measures, which will require the preservation of the dollar as the main world currency.