Russian military doctors performed a unique heart surgery

Russian military doctors performed a rare surgery – they removed a patient's tumor is half the size of the heart, told RIA Novosti Professor, doctor of Sciences, head of the center of cardiovascular surgery, Central military clinical hospital of Vishnevsky Alexander Lischuk.

"First, he was taken with a stroke, and on examination found that he had a large tumor inside of the heart. The uniqueness is that the tumor occupied almost the half of the heart. It was jelly-like and the pieces fell into other vessels, in particular, of the head, causing brain damage — a stroke," — said the doctor.

According to him, this is a fairly rare operation and it is found in one out of 10 thousand heart operations. During surgery, the doctors removed the diseased tissue and replaced them with the tissues of the heart bags.

"Heart work, the patient is already walking, and his brain activity almost recovered. The patient will return to a normal life," — said Lishchuk.