To the point Golunova has added features the ex-police

The authorities have characterized the former police officers who, according to the investigation, planted drugs on the journalist Ivan Golunov as hardworking and principled experts in their field.

Attached to the case features on Thursday voiced by judge Natalia Dudar at the meeting of the Basmanny court of Moscow.

According to the documents, the police had authority, was well versed in the work skillfully used the operative information had a high culture of communication with people, to a disciplinary responsibility was not involved, and responsibilities handled successfully.

"Polite, hard-working, sociable", - the judge read out one of the characteristics.

At the same time in case materials are orders of their dismissal in connection with gross violations – this happened after the journalist was acquitted of charges, but before the criminal case filed on them.

In a criminal case are five former wrestlers with drugs from ATC for the Western district of Moscow: Denis Konovalov, Akbar All, Roman Feofanov, Maxim Umetbaev and Igor lyakhovets. He is charged with abuse of authority, forgery of the outcome of operatively-search activity and illegal drug trafficking.

All but testified for colleagues Konovalova, are in jail. Guilty recognize two of the five: Konovalov – that planted drugs, Maxim Umetbaev in the "use of physical force" to the reporter.

The consequence considers as motive-careerism - performance improvements are identified and solved crimes. Now it appears the involvement of the arrested in other crimes.

Golunova was detained in Moscow in June last year, as claimed by the police, with mephedrone, but later the prosecution was canceled "due to lack of evidence of his involvement" in the crime. The journalist initially claimed that the drugs were planted on him.