The head of the district of Dagestan accused of fraud in especially large size

Against the head of the Derbent district of Dagestan, filed a case of fraud with the earth at more than 200 million rubles, reported on the website of the RF IC.

According to investigators, in may 2018, the suspect had created a criminal group with the aim of illicit enrichment by fraud.

It is noted that the scheme was the creation of false extracts from the household books and fake decisions, on behalf of the heads of the settlements on vacant plots of land, then registered the rights to this plot and it is sold to citizens and organizations. Added that the amount for which the members of the group have implemented the stolen plots ranged from 100 thousand to 1.5 million rubles for the land plot is 500 square meters. The money they distributed among themselves depending on the roles of each participant.

The group conducted illegal actions with land plots in the Derbent area and their subsequent sale or lease. With 2018 to June 2020 was stolen more than 500 plots market value of over 200 million rubles.

"Investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation across the Republic of Dagestan initiated a criminal case against the acting head of municipal district "Derbent district", officials of the municipality, the multipurpose center of providing state and municipal services, and Management of Rosreestr in the Republic of Dagestan", - stated in the message.