Trafalgar square was decorated with whipped cream with a drone and fly

Whipped cream, decorated with cherry, the fly and the drone are the next sculpture, which took pride of place on the "fourth plinth" in London's Trafalgar square.

The work, entitled "the End" by the British poetess Heather Phillipson was conceived as a "monument to hubris and the coming collapse."

The footage, captured by drone, interested in real-time can look at their mobile phones.

Until recently, the pedestal was occupied by the sculpture of the Assyrian deity Lumi – winged bull with a human face – from 700 BC, guarding the gates of the city of Nineveh. In 2015, militants of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) destroyed the ancient statue. American artist Iraqi origin Michael Rakowitz created a copy of the empty cans from the Iraqi syrup of figs. Your choice of material to work with "the Invisible enemy should not exist," the author explained that Fig syrup symbolizes the industry of Iraq, the once flourishing and then destroyed by the war.

In the last few years on the fourth plinth replace each other in various temporary sculptures by contemporary artists: blue rooster, Golden boy on toy rocking horse, a skeleton horse with a ribbon with a "running line" - quotations of the London stock exchange, ship in the bottle - a replica of the ship HMS Victory, which was the flagship of Admiral Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar. The project "fourth plinth" is funded by the mayor of London.