The lawyer said that threatens the wife of the deceased rapper Andy Cartwright

Lawyer Michael Timoshatov told the TV station REN TV, the punishment for a wife of rapper Andy Cartwright, who admitted to the dismemberment of the corpse of a spouse.

"If the causal connection between dismemberment and death, not if the death was not her fault, it is the maximum that she can threaten — 244 of the criminal code (Violation of bodies died and places of their burial. — Approx. ed.)", — said lawyer Michael Timoshatov.

The maximum penalty for this offence is five years imprisonment.

Earlier in the apartment on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, law enforcement officers found the corpse of a man born in 1989. Fragments of his body were Packed in five packages. The victims were Ukrainian underground rap artist, participant of the Battle Versus Andy Cartwright.

His wife, who was in the same apartment, stated that she dismembered the body. According to her, the rapper recently started using drugs, from which he died four days ago. The woman claims that he decided to dismember the corpse to hide the cause of death.

After the dismemberment of the body that committed the crime and contacted the police. The wife of the rapper said she was ready to undergo polygraph test and confirm all the words.

Later it turned out that in the blood of Cartwright did not find traces of drugs, however, the body was alcohol.