The foreign Ministry assessed the situation around the report of the OPCW on gimatecan in Syria

No response to numerous calls for Russia to deal with the manipulations during the preparation of the report of the OPCW on gimatecan in Syria and not followed, it seems that the problem is simply trying to "hush up", reads the statement of the foreign Ministry.

The OPCW on April 8 published a report on the investigation of chemical attacks in Syria to 2017. According to the findings of the investigation team, air strikes in the province of Hama, using shells with chlorine, and sarin was made by the Syrian air force. The Syrian foreign Ministry said that the report of the OPCW contains fake and fabricated conclusions, which aim at distorting the facts and the prosecution of the Syrian authorities. In Damascus stressed that the SAR troops never used chemical weapons.

"Drew attention to the published on 24 July in the oldest weekly publication USA The Nation article, in which the most detailed manner restored the real picture manipulation in preparing the report of the special mission of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) fact-finding of the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the resonant highincidence in the city Duma on 7 April 2018. Despite the fact that all these facts are already widely known, they first appeared on the pages of such a solid and reputable Western media", - reported in the Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry recalled that the States parties to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons sent a collective appeal personally to the UN Secretary General urging them to investigate the situation and take action.

"We and our partners have continually raised this issue at the site of the OPCW. However, there is no clear response to these numerous appeals and has not followed. One gets the impression that the problem is simply trying to "hush up", but would not take the whole of this hard-hitting story, showing that the reports of the special mission of the OPCW deliberately distorted to including to justify the actions of the United States, Britain and France, who inflicted missile strikes on the territory of an independent state in violation of the UN Charter and universally recognized norms of international law", - said the Agency.

Moscow expect that will be able to understand this history in order to return to the work of the OPCW in a professional, depoliticized and technical direction.