Sobyanin said about the serious impact on the budget of Moscow for coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus has dealt a serious blow to the budget of Moscow, to the end of the year, losses amount to about 500 billion rubles, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

"Of course, was dealt a serious blow to the city budget. We see that year-end loss will be from the fact that we had somewhere around 500 billion rubles. Plus about 250 billion - a quarter of a trillion, we additionally have to spend to support businesses, citizens, and questions related to the transition of the entire health system back on track against COVID," - said Sobyanin in an interview with TV channel "Russia 24" on Thursday.

He said that we are talking about the cost of opening new clinics and refurbishment of existing ones, the purchase of medicines, the provision of supplementary salaries to medical staff. "That is a huge reservoir of such additional work, which we had not planned. So the impact so significant," - said Sobyanin.

The mayor noted that the current crisis was unique in its own way, because in this moment fallen world energy prices, which also indirectly affect the economy of Russia and Moscow.

"Accordingly, fell sector of trade, services, consumption volumes, consumption of industrial goods, cars and so on. That is, all sectors simultaneously subsided. It's such a unique situation, such in Moscow have not been in such volume", - said the mayor.

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