Putin will charge to explore the idea of creating a Suvorov military school in the Angara region

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he will instruct the defense Ministry to study the initiative on the establishment of the Suvorov military school on the basis of closed Irkutsk higher military aviation engineering school.

To support this idea asked the President acting Governor of Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev at a working meeting with the head of state.

"If such an opportunity from Your side will be supported initiative, we have calculated a preliminary estimate of the amount for repair, restoration work is about 1 billion rubles. We are ready to work with the Ministry of defence, to submit. Of course, the government of the Irkutsk region will also participate in co-financing, the establishment of the Suvorov military school," said Kobzev.

According to the acting Governor, the question of the creation of the Suvorov military school is very concerned about the public in the region.

The President said that he will instruct the Ministry of defense to study this issue.

"But not only will need to put in order the buildings, structures. You will then contain it appropriately. I'll have to work it through the defence Ministry. You work with them, too. And this issue will present their proposals," - said Putin.