Regardie ready to take custody of the site in Usolye-Sibirskoye

Regardie ready to take custody of a contaminated industrial site in Usolye-Siberian the Irkutsk region, said the Minister.

On Thursday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a meeting via videoconference on the environment in Usolye-Sibirskoye. At the meeting the head of state said that the environmental situation in this city is difficult, the burden of environmental problems accumulated there since the 1930-ies, now the storage facilities chemical wastes are in poor condition. Putin said that it was necessary to urgently isolate the contaminated industrial site and put it from Regardie.

"Industrial site in Usolye-Siberian will be guarded by divisions of private security of Regardie. Currently, with the state Corporation "Rosatom" held the organizational arrangements for the reception of the object under protection", - stated in the message.

Regardie have to close the access to dangerous objects for people, so they do not jeopardized their lives and health.

Rosatom had previously expressed willingness to implement the comprehensive programme for the elimination of environmental problems in Usol'e-Sibirskoe - as Putin said, the Corporation has the necessary expertise and competence to perform such complex task.