In Mordovia has documented cases of re-infection with coronavirus

Repeated cases of coronavirus from the same patients recorded in Mordovia, told journalists the Minister of health of the Republic Oleg Markin.

"As in China, and in Russia in General and in the Republic of Mordovia, unfortunately, are facts of re-infection coronavirus infection", - said Markin on Thursday at a press conference in response to journalists ' question about whether there is in the region cases of recurrent disease COVID-19.

According to him, the novel coronavirus infection is currently still in the stage of learning. "According to preliminary data, there are people who had high titer antibodies after suffering coronaviruses infection, and a month later, the antibody titer is zero. Therefore, the possible categories of citizens who suffered (illness - ed.) and who have reduced immunity regarding coronavirus infection and maybe on the second infection. These results, unfortunately, is", - said Markin, without specifying the number of repeated cases of infection recorded in Mordovia.

The Minister of health of Mordovia emphasized that coronavirus infection is a severe blow to the body, and even when the patient is considered recovered, his health damage. "So we spend a massive job of organizing the possible rehabilitation measures to restore vital functions of these patients. They will be invited for a medical examination for the examination, they must be passed to assess the status of other functions and systems of the body after a previous infection," - said Markin.

Only in the Republic for the period of the pandemic identified 4457 cases COVID-19. Fully recovered 3389 man, 41 - for the last days. Died 34.

Earlier about repeated cases of infection with coronavirus infection, said in St. Petersburg, Vladimir, and Buryatia, but later this information has not been confirmed.

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