USA violates UN security Council resolution on Kosovo, the foreign Ministry said

Washington, helping the Kosovars to create their own army, grossly violates resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council, which allows only the presence on the territory of Kosovo peacekeeping forces, said Thursday the Deputy official representative of the MFA of Russia Alexei Zaitsev.

"The intent of Washington is to help the Kosovars to create their own army, however, thus grossly violated the provisions of the resolution of the UN Security Council 1244, which foresees the dismantling of all Kosovo-Albanian paramilitaries, allowing the presence in the region exclusively to the international peacekeeping contingent", - he told at a briefing.

According to him, Moscow urges all who care about the situation in the Balkans and the future of this "sensitive region" to prevent the steps, it is fraught with destabilization, accumulation of hazardous potential for conflict.

In 1999, armed confrontation between the Albanian separatists of the Kosovo Liberation army and the army and police of Serbia led to the bombing of Yugoslavia (then consisting of Serbia and Montenegro) NATO forces. Kosovo Albanian structures in Pristina on 17 February 2008 unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. The self-proclaimed Republic does not recognize Serbia, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and several other States.

The leadership of Serbia under the pressure of Brussels and the region of convergence with the European Union, as well as for the sake of ease of life in the region, Serbian citizens in 2011 was forced to start negotiations on the normalization of relations with Kosovo Albanians with the mediation of the EU. However, after the introduction in November 2018, the authorities in Pristina of trade taxes in the amount of 100% of goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the dialogue was suspended.