Foreign Ministry: Moscow is open for dialogue with the US on strategic issues

Moscow is open to continue dialogue with Washington on strategic issues, considers it highly important and intends to continue to build relations with the United States in the field of arms control, said at the briefing, Deputy Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexei Zaitsev.

"Russia is open to continued dialogue with Washington on various aspects of strategic perspective, we believe it is important, in particular, in order to try to prevent further destruction of the international agreements in force in this area," he said.

At the same time Moscow intends to build further relations with the United States in the field of arms control, on a strictly parity basis and relying on the principle of mutual respect for the interests and concerns of the parties, the diplomat noted.

According to Zaytsev, the Russian-American strategic dialogue in Vienna, July 27-30, "get specific and professional", "the parties need to thoroughly analyze its results."

In Vienna, July 27-30, consultations were held inter-Ministerial delegations of Russia and the USA, where the sides discussed topical issues in the field of international security and arms control.