The Ambassador urged the United States and Britain to end the discrimination against Chinese companies

Discrimination the US and the UK Chinese companies is an act of economic intimidation, Beijing urged London and Washington to stop this and to provide a fair environment for the operation of Chinese companies, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Chinese Ambassador in Moscow Zhang Hongwei.

As the diplomat said, the United States and Britain without any convincing evidence for the existence of the risks of being discriminated against and displace from the market the Chinese companies, "which in itself is a clear violation of the principles of market economy and of free trade rules".

"It's not a problem of the company or the industry, and the problem in countries such as the US and UK, politiconomic business and technical issues, it's an act of economic intimidation. We are seriously concerned about this and call on the United States of America, great Britain and other countries to stop to generalize the concept of national security, to stop deliberately to discredit China, to stop unnecessarily to suppress specific Chinese company and to provide fair and non-discriminatory environment for the normal operation of Chinese companies", - said the Ambassador.

He noted that China will take all necessary measures to protect the rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

"We believe that most countries will make decisions that best serve the interests of their people and business based on the substance of this issue and take proper measures. We have enough confidence in it. China hopes to cooperate with all countries on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and mutual consent," added Zhang Hongwei.

China urged the U.S. to stop the spread of "political viruses", said the Ambassador, adding that "attempts to turn back the wheel of history, the United States eventually fall into his own trap."

"China will resolutely say no to the hegemony of the USA and decisively take action to protect sovereignty, security and development interests of the country", - said the Ambassador.

The UK government had previously announced that British telecommunications companies from 2021 will not be allowed to buy 5G-equipment of Huawei, and by 2027 the equipment must be completely withdrawn from circulation in 5G networks. As explained by the Minister of culture, digital technologies, media and sport UK Oliver Dowden, a decision dictated by reasons of national security and sanctions imposed by the US against Huawei.

The US accuses Huawei, in cooperation with the military and intelligence service of the PRC and possible surveillance of customers and convince several countries to use infrastructure and equipment of Huawei, the transition to the standard of mobile communication 5G. The Chinese company claims that the accusations are unfounded, politically motivated and violate the principles of market competition.