In the Bundestag protested the U.S. Senator for the "Nord stream — 2"

The faction of the liberal Free democratic party (FDP) Bundestag sent a letter to us senators Ted Cruz and Genie Sahin, which protested against the impending sanctions against the European gas pipeline "Nord stream – 2", told RIA Novosti the official representative of the faction on energy, Martin Neumann.

"Because the position of his colleagues in the parliamentary group of the FDP is clear: we do not tolerate the intervention of America in European Affairs", - he said.

Previously, the need "political response" to the threat of Washington sanctions against companies involved in pipeline construction, said in Vienna head of Austrian oil and gas Corporation OMV Rainer Seele.

According to the Deputy Neumann, "to implement sanctions against the US is not in our interest", that interest is "a close and constructive cooperation between the US and the EU, including in the international and economic sphere, but also in the development of new joint projects."

Regarding the "Nord stream — 2", the MP said that it was "a European project, which currently involves companies from at least 12 countries of the EU." Current U.S. actions "have a significant impact on investment, planning and legal security of Germany and the EU," said Neumann.

He added that it is "a clear interference in the sovereign Affairs of the European Union, especially given the fact that the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2" was approved in accordance with all EU rules".

"Nord stream — 2" involves the construction of two pipelines from the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. Against the project actively advocate USA, in the EU promoting its liquefied natural gas, as well as Ukraine and several European countries.