Tour operators have faced difficulties connecting to the program kesbeke

Many Russian tour operators because of limited time no time to prepare tours of the program of support of domestic tourism at the expense of the refund to the tourist (cashback) for travel around the country, told RIA Novosti the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT).

Earlier Rosturizm has declared that in August 2020, is conducting a special programme to support domestic tourism. The essence of the program lies in the fact that the tourist will be able to get a refund of up to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the cost of the permit. In the program, which will operate until the end of 2020, will involve all regions of the country, it includes both package tours (flight and accommodation), and separate accommodation for those who get on their own.

"Tour operators have enthusiastically welcomed the initiative on promotion tours around the country, but immediately ran into difficulties. Many feared that will not make it in time to meet the conditions for participation in the program. Letter of the Federal tourism Agency General information beginning of program the tour operators received July 20, and form applications to participate they were given until July 27, inclusive", - explained in the PCT.

It also noted that providing information on tours according to the program and create a separate landing page for them on the website of the tour operator must, until 31 July inclusive. And this applies to those operators that form tours in Krasnodar Krai, the Crimea and other regions, to join the program only on October 1. Until July 31, companies must find time also to deal with technical issues of integration with the payment program "the World" and to inform the Federal Agency for tourism.

The PCT stressed that strict time and organizational frameworks, although it goes on sale since August, are deprived of real opportunities to adjust existing programs or create something new. Many operators are ready to quickly develop programs, for example, 5 days in areas where they used to drive around in 1-3 days. But at this time few people will have time to do it. A list of programs that are sent to the Federal tourism Agency until July 31, Supplement not emphasized in the RTS.

"The rest of the week to participate in the program must sign the documents with the payment system "World", and most importantly, to request from the acquiring Bank separate and additional IDs in addition to the already existing company. It is for this unique ID will be considered the purchase of travel services in the framework of cashback program. For clarification of the Federal tourism Agency it turns out that this can be done in a day. But, as they say tour operators, even in advanced IT specialists getting the ID and setting up on the common payment system will require at least a week. Moreover, banks, unlike the tour operators, no time pressure do not feel and response to the queries do not hurry", - commented on the situation in the Union.

"Time to participate in this project is extremely small, as there are a number of conditions that must be fulfilled. In technical terms, they are simple, but require organizational time and costs," – said in the webinar according to the program of kesbeke the head of "Turpomoschi" Oleksandr Osaulenko.