Pushkin said that he had handed over a green card in the US after entering politics

State Duma Deputy Oksana Pushkina told that she had a green card (permanent residence) of USA, but it passed as soon as I went to work in politics.

Earlier, the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has instructed the house Committee on security and combating corruption and the Commission on control over reliability of data on income and on questions of Deputy ethics to request the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation information on the possible presence of a foreign citizenship or a residence permit from the deputies of the state Duma.

"Look, the last story: I was tortured, I had a green card for 20 years - a residence permit in the United States and (the resolution) on the work," she said during the lecture at the forum "Territory meanings."

"So I handed over a green card as soon as I realized that I'm going into politics. The first law on citizenship deputies and civil servants and members of the Federation Council "About the status of the Deputy..." was in 2006. In 2016, made the addition to this law, that not only the citizenship and residence permit (can't have)", she added.

Pushkin also called on fellow lawmakers to enforce existing laws.

"We passed (green card): I, Irina Rodnina, Vyacheslav Fetisov. We didn't know which queue in the American Embassy to deliver, everyone else is going after the other. This is very true, and Volodin is absolutely well done," she added.

Thus, according to her, the one who initiated this process, - Deputy Denis Parfenov, "then he will be responsible for the information that he provided is actually discrediting the honor and dignity of your (data)". In addition, Pushkin said that he would like to know "who are already here writes the laws and not a doer".

In mid-July, the Deputy Parfenov announced that he has sent Deputy inquiries to the state bodies with a request to check a number of officials, including the deputies from "United Russia", the question of the presence of the second citizenship.

For the first time this issue was raised in discussion at the plenary session in mid-April. Then the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in response to the remark of one of deputies has suggested to test for American citizenship Deputy Parfenov. Parfenov, in turn, said that the need to check "all State Duma", including the faction "United Russia", the members of which, according to data from social networks, has foreign citizenship.

Later, the head of the state Duma Commission on control over reliability of data on incomes, about property and obligations of property character Otari Arshba said to the deputies of the state Duma from "United Russia" there are no issues in terms of compliance with their requirements on absence of foreign citizenship. Deputy Secretary of General Council of United Russia Alexander Hinstein has told RIA Novosti that the party was unaware of the presence of foreign citizenship of members of the faction, and Parfenov must either provide evidence, or to lay down the mandate.