The expert explained the reasons for the support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Europe

Professor at Northwestern University in the US practice leader for international studies VTSIOM Olga Kamenchuk-Nisbet explained the reasons Europeans support the movement Black Lives Matter.

Earlier, the cities of the US, a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. After the death of Floyd intensified the movement Black Lives Matter, which is against the violence against the black population.

"Why in Europe, getting down on one knee, too, support what is happening? We are now seeing the value of tectonic changes. They are of a global nature. What happens is the last 50-70 years. Women no longer sit at home, they work, blacks no longer get kicked out of the bus or University because of the color of their skin, dies resource Economics, lost the role of religious dogmas, new media and accelerated the process between the event and the story about it, new technology," she said during the online conference "Black Lives Matter as a new form of global public activism: causes and consequences" in the press center MIA "Russia today".

"Not all the time for these changes. Therefore, we are now seeing in Europe and the United States authoritarian and populist revenge. This trump in the US, and Brexit in the UK," she added. According to her, usually those who support these rematches is the elderly, it is often the inhabitants of the provinces. In large cities, young people think differently, she said.

"People who are protesting - is also part of the "pendulum effect", here is the revenge, authoritarian, and populist. They will leave in the past. The world will change and be more respectful and more equitable in relation to different members of society, but it won't collapse," she said.