Rosstat told what the question will not be included in the questionnaire of the census

The questionnaire of the population census will not include questions about gender identity, it will be possible to specify only male or female, reported to journalists the Deputy head of Rosstat Pavel Smelov.

"International recommendations this (to Russia) no. We also take part in these recommendations. And do we (enter your answers on the question of gender identity – ed.) is not planned", - said Smelov, answering the question, were presented to the organizers of the census recommendations to enhance the interpretation of gender.

Only in the questionnaire of the census of 23 issue, he added.

The future all-Russia population census will be held in multi-channel format, any Russian citizen will be able to record yourself and your family independently on the portal, register for the census in the DCP or on the stationary census stations. Home will go to 315 thousand scribes, and 45 thousand of field supervisors, which, in turn, will use electronic tablets.

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