In Kiev there was a skirmish between the radicals and the employees of the TV channel "KRT"

Ukrainian radicals staged clashes with journalists of TV channel "KRT" near the building of the National Council for television and radio broadcasting in Kyiv, informs on Thursday the Internet-the edition "Strenia".

Earlier, a media rights activist and journalist Dmitry Vasilets said that on TV channel "KRT" sent a fifth unscheduled inspection and channel threatens the revocation of the license. On Thursday, the employees of the TV channel came out to protest near the building of the national Council on TV in Kiev, where the regulator at the meeting considering the question of cancellation of the license of the broadcaster.

"Under the building of the national Council was attended by representatives of Nazarus (organization created on the basis of natsbatalona "Azov", against whom in Russia opened a criminal case - ed.) and C14, which tried to disrupt the rally. Radicals started pushing and shouting at journalists and those who came to support the action. However, in case the police intervened and shielded the participants from the attacking nationalists. Their leader Yevhen Karas was screaming that gathered all separable", - stated in the message on the newspaper's website.

According to the vasylets', the national Council cites the arguments for the revocation of the channel's criticism of Pro-Nazi collaborators and independence, as well as a showing at "KRT" parade of Victory in Belarus on may 9.