General of the FSB commented on the arrest of the military in Sevastopol for treason

Intelligence agencies of Ukraine in the Crimea use their remaining resources to conduct intelligence activities against Russia, said RIA Novosti former head of TSOs FSB, member of the Supreme Council of the movement "a Strong Russia" General Alexander Mikhailov.

Today, the FSB reported that in the Sevastopol, a soldier of the black sea fleet of Russia and remanded in custody for treason, he is charged with the work of Ukrainian military intelligence.

"Too short a period of time has passed between the reunification of Crimea with Russia, there are still many people who have relatives in Ukraine, it is possible, of the number of employees in the security services of Ukraine or law enforcement. This is a natural process, when yesterday a fraternal state has become to work against Russia. And, of course, they use their remaining in the Crimea their resources to obtain intelligence information," - said Mikhailov.

He stressed that this is why the FSB is in the Crimea "in the state regime, that is, of alert".

"There are people who are either disappointed, for the money or started to work for foreign intelligence services. We must not forget that Crimea was for a long time in another state, so we must always be ready for any eventuality," said FSB General.