The chief of UFSIN of Moscow spoke about the findings during searches in jail

Employees UFSIN in Moscow for six months during the searches in the jail were seized in the chambers 898 liters of alcohol and 882 cell phone, said at the Board at the end of the first six months, the head of the Moscow office Sergei Moroz.

According to him, six months in pretrial detention was held 27.3 per thousand searches.

"As a result of these events in the chambers and at site 882 was withdrawn cellular, 509 SIM cards, 268 chargers, cash in the amount of 56 thousand rubles, 898 litres of alcoholic drinks are home-made, of 268.4 grams of narcotic substances",- said Moroz.

In addition, he added that during the recent raids in six Metropolitan detention center was discovered 254 mobile phone and 159 SIM-cards.