Putin will hold a meeting on the ecological situation in Irkutsk region

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold on Thursday a meeting on the ecological situation in the city of Usolye-Siberian the Irkutsk region and will meet with the acting head of the region Igor Kobzev, told journalists the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

"Talking about ecology, talking about the meeting on the situation in the city of Usolye-Siberian. It's in the Irkutsk region. The initiator of the meeting was the acting Governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev. This was a fairly troubled town, there were many enterprises of the chemical, they were very harmful emissions, it's all stockpiled, and it all happens in the last decades, it is somewhere in the 40-50 (years - ed.)", - said Peskov.

According to the press Secretary of the President, it is now necessary to take vigorous action.

"So today the President will hold a meeting. There will, of course, and Kobzev, will (Victoria) Abramchenko as Deputy Prime Minister in charge of environment, (the Minister of natural resources Dmitry) Kobylkin and (Eugene) Senichev the emergencies Minister, and the Minister of defense (Sergei) Shoigu and other appropriate representatives will participate in this meeting", - said Peskov.

"The President plans to talk separately with kobzevym overall Affairs of the Irkutsk region". - said Peskov.

He noted that Kobzev works very vigorously, he had to deal with a very difficult situation, "works tirelessly, and now, today's talk with head of state."