The sister of the wife of the Belarusian politician Tsepkalo was released from the police

The sister of the wife of ex-candidate for the post of the President of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo was released from the police station, said the joint staff of the three alternative policy.

Earlier on Thursday, Veronika Tsepkalo told reporters about the arrest of his sister, working in the BGB. She added that it was summoned there to testify in the case, which was filed against her husband, according to a statement from the Belarusian-Turkish businessman.

"Sister Veronica was released", - stated in the message of staff in his Telegram channel. According to staff, the questioning by the police Veronika Tsepkalo postponed to Friday.

As told by her sister Natalya leonyuk portal tut.by she was questioned in the case against Tsepkalo. "Near the Bank (Belgazprombank, where she works - an edition) I was approached by three men in civilian clothes, was given a summons — an invitation to testify. Said "in the case Tsepkalo," - said leonik.

According to her, it was the staff of management on fight against organized crime. "Me with the status (in this case - ed.) was not acquainted, he just said that he would like to, I explained the above in a letter. I read the address Valery Wilamowice (Tsepkalo - ed.). Perhaps it was his statement. I said that to explain some things can not because of ignorance, and exercised their right under article 27 of the Constitution not to testify against relatives," he added leoniuk.

Earlier the Belarusian-Turkish businessman Sedat Igdeli, head of the Association "Turkish capital", filed on Tsepkalo for spreading discrediting his honor and reputation of information. According to the statement of claim, the businessman believes that during the stream, which was held July 7, Tsepkalo presented him a fraud, saying untrue information discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation. It requires Tsepkalo to remove the video statements from your channel, to place a rebuttal with the explanation that the video was deleted, because it is not true. In July Tsepkalo called insinuations the accusations of bribery in his address on the part of the Belarusian-Turkish businessman, which launched an investigation of the interior Ministry, said that he is affected by his actions, and asked the Prosecutor.

A source close to the Tsepkalo on July 24 announced his immediate departure from Belarus to Moscow for fear of being detained. According to the source, the politician is left with children as it has received information about his possible arrest in connection with the ongoing law enforcement inspection. His wife remains in Belarus. Tsepkalo confirmed that they left the Republic because of the threat of arrest and now is in Moscow, but could return before the election on August 9.

Earlier, the CEC of the Republic did not register Tsepkalo a presidential candidate, a politician challenged the decision in the Supreme court, which dismissed the appeal. In Belarus, the campaign for the presidential election, primary election day scheduled for 9 August. Early voting will begin on 4 August.