Lukashenko at the debates to represent the MP Gaydukevich

The Deputy of Parliament Oleg Gaidukevich said that will be a confidant of the incumbent Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko in televised debates of presidential candidates.

Central election Commission of Belarus has tentatively set July 30 for holding debates. Thus the Commission reported that Lukashenko, who is running for a sixth term, refused to speak on national radio and television, presenting his election program. As noted by Sputnik of Belarus, with the 2006 legislation provides for the right of presidential candidates to participate in televised debates. The current head of state they never participated, like his confidants. The exception was only in 1994 - the first ever Belarusian presidential election.

"I'll be at the debate today. I turned to the head of state, because I believe that the debate should be voiced different points of view, including the political force, which I chair (liberal democratic party - ed). Should sound and the perspective of those who support the President, and those who have their programs and look, even a few alternative," he said, according to Sputnik of Belarus.

Gaidukevich himself appealed to the President to get the opportunity to speak in the debate not only as his Trustee, but also as a party leader and member of Parliament, the Agency added.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August, is now undergoing a period of pre-election campaign, which will run through August 8 inclusive. In addition to debates and meetings with voters in permitted places, presidential candidates have the right to present their electoral programs in state media. Candidates for the highest office was five people. Hubarevich wanted to participate in the elections of the President of Belarus, but withdrew from the election campaign at the stage of collecting signatures. He urged to vote for Lukashenko.