Rosstat in the census will not argue with the Russians, who identified himself as elves

Deputy head of Rosstat Pavel Smelov told reporters that the Agency will not "fight" with the Russians, who in the course of the census will call themselves elves or goblins, but asked citizens to treat the event seriously.

All-Russia population census will be held in April 2021, but to work with hard-to-reach areas of the country, census takers will begin in October 2020, has previously stated RIA Novosti the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov.

"We fight with them will not. These jokers on the previous census was only 1024 people in the whole country – 147 million is quite a few people... If a person feels an elf, let it be an elf," said Smelov reporters.

He noted that such phenomena could occur in the census in any country of the world and are not widespread. Census impersonal, and the man, who called himself an elf, will also be taken into account in the statistics.

Smelov stressed the importance of data accuracy in the census. Real data about the number of people living in any region of people and their living conditions will enable the authorities to draw up plans for the development of territories, said the representative of the Rosstat.

The future all-Russia population census will be held in multi-channel format, any Russian citizen will be able to record yourself and your family independently on the portal, register for the census in the DCP or on the stationary census stations. Home will go to 315 thousand scribes, and 45 thousand of field supervisors, which, in turn, will use electronic tablets.